Photographers came from all different countries and places.
There are no similarities between thier backgrounds, but the love of photography made them some how all gather here in Tokyo now. 
They tell thier own stories in Tokyo through photograph in their own unique way. 


2019 (seconed edition 2021)
/ color print / 20P / A5 
by ShiShouFu

2000km Before Spring 
2019 /color print
20P / A5 / 1000yen
by ShiShouFu

Lucid Dream
2020 / color print 
24P / A5 / 1000yen
by ShiShouFu

Alien Land
2021 / color print 
B5 deformation / 70P / 2000yen
by ShiShouFu

Fraternal Twins
2021 / color print 
B6 / 28P / 800yen
by ShiShouFu

光合作用 photosynthesis
2020 / color print
80P / B5 / 2500yen
by Alina Tsai

Modest Love
2021 / color print / A5
by Shiori Ota

Burning Magazine
2020 / color print / A5
by Shiori Ota

Like flowers that beautifully bloom
2021 / 44P / A5 / 1200yen
by Shiori Ota

mimic mashroom
2021 / 24P/ A5 / 700yen
by Shiori Ota

Silver Hallucination
2021 / 40P/ A5 / 700yen
by Shiori Ota

The Deepest Green
2021 / 24P/ A5 / 800yen
by Shiori Ota

Groovin, Deck 01
2021 / color print 
40P / A4 / 1300yen
by Ayumi Kanakuri

Belle epoque
2021 / color print 
40P / A4 / 1000yen
by Ayumi Kanakuri

Tokyo what
2021 / color print 
40P / A4 / 1000yen
by Ayumi Kanakuri

2021 / colorprint / A5 / 20P / 300yen
by Yui Ogano

2021 / color print 
40P / A4 / 1000yen
by Yui Ogano

2021 / color print 
40P /A5/¥500
by Yui Ogano

2020 / color print 
24P / A5 / 1000yen
by Ayumi Shikama

2021 / color print 
50P / B5 / 1700yen
by Ayumi Shikama

2021 / color print 
B5 deformation / 52P / 2000yen
by Chen Hsiang

2021 / color print 
40mmx210mm / 20P / 1000yen
by Chen Hsiang

2021 / color print / A5
by Jiawei Wang

Wondering Minds
2021 / color print / B6
by Jiawei Wang

傅 詩翔
ShiShou Fu


Born in 1993, Tainan, Taiwan; Lived in to Taipei (2013-17), Kyoto (2017); now based in Tokyo.
Work at photography studio along-side her independent photography career.
She captures the landscape wherever she goes with her unique point of view and creates her own alien land through photography.

大田 詩織
Shiori Ota


Born in 1997, Kyoto Japan.
From 2020 based in Tokyo.
She likes artworks that include feminist content such as diversity of beauty and body positivity, as well as romantic styles with collages and poetry.

四釜 歩美
Ayumi Shikama

2020年9月にはグループ写真展「ランダムソース 」を開催し、精力的に作家活動を行っている。
ー その人だけの特別な美しさを残す人物写真や、

Photographer. Borned in 1998 and raised in Tokyo.
Graduated from Tokyo College of Photography in March, 2020.
She held the Group photograph exhibition “Random sauce” on Sep. 2020. And continues as an active photographer since.
Photography mainly captures the unique beauty of each person and those common houses and streets that exist in daily life.

陳  翔
Chen Hsiang


2018 『KAMOME』 ギャラリー石(東京都)
2021 『永いさよなら 長崎の夏』 ニコンサロン(東京都)

Born in 1992, Taipai, Taiwan.

Graduated from National Taiwan University and Tokyo College of Photography.

Works as a photojournalist for a news agency since 2019. Moves to Fukuoka in the spring of 2021.

Solo Exhibition

2018 “KAMOME”, Art Gallery Ishi, Tokyo

2021 “Summer Farewell”, Nikon Salon, Tokyo

蔡 昀儒
Alina Tsai / Yun Ju Tsai

1992年生まれ、台北育ち。3歳から絵の勉強を始める。父の影響で写真を好きになり、プレゼントにhello kitty模様のフィルムカメラをもらう。最初の一本目は全部露出し過ぎ、失敗。大学ではスペイン語を専攻する。卒業したから日本文化を紹介する雑誌ー「秋刀魚」でカメラマンとイラストレーターとして働いていました。2018年から、フリーのカメラマンやイラストレーターになることにしました。現在、東京に移住。

Born in 1992, raised in Taipei. Started drawing since 3 years old. Like photographs due to father’s influence, and received a hello kitty pattern film camera for presents. The very first film is all exposed. Majored in Spanish at college. Worked as a photographer and illustrator for a Taiwan's magazine which introducing Japanese culture. Currently work as a freelance photographer and illustrator, living in Tokyo.


汪 家偉
Jiawei Wang

1995年中国の四川省成都生まれ。 大学四年間アメリカで過ごし、国際移民政策と東ヨーロッパ圏のメディア、社会や思想を研究。大学在学中に写真を初め、京都に移住、2020年より東京を拠点に活動。

Photographer. Born in Chengdu, China. Graduated from Transylvania University, was majored in International Affairs and German Studies. Works mainly focus on relations between people and their surroundings.

金栗 歩
Ayumi Kanakuri


Okano Yui

1997 埼玉生まれ
2019 日本大学芸術学部写真学科卒業
現在 東京にて活動中

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