Photography Solo Exhobition

// Alien Land //  landscape serise
// Project //  Potrait Series


at Daikanyama Studio
     (Nonpublic space)

// Alien Land //  

“See you after we wake up from this strange dream,”

we said to each other long ago.

Living in a world we are unfamiliar with is like living in a lucid dream.
But now we are still trapped in this endless dream.
In it, the world is alien to the one we know,
filtered by the unknown.

Drowning in this new way of life for so long,
we end up realizing what was once perceived as air,
is something we may not need.

There are good dreams,
bad dreams,
and the dreams that you can’t define if they're good or bad.

Since we can’t wake up from this lucid dream,
why not find our own way to live in this alien land.
















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